AquaSonic WaterSong Waterphone

Buy Exotic Instrument WaterSong WaterphoneOf all the waterphone models we sell at, the AquaSonic WaterSong waterphone is our mid-priced and mid-sized model. The extended center column combined with its light weight makes it easy to hold while playing.

It has slightly less tonal range than larger OceanSong and WhaleSong models and fewer playing rods (tines), but still sounds great! Ruggedly constructed from bronze and stainless steel the WaterSong waterphone will last a lifetime.

Both the component stainless steel and bronze materials used in the manufacture of the AquaSonic WaterSong Waterphone, along with fine craftsmanship combine to produce an extremely rugged and durable instrument that will provide you with a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

We have a large inventory, so they are always in stock and ready to ship the following day. Domestic USPS Priority and Priority Express International shipping assures that you get your package quickly.


Our AquaSonic WaterSong Waterphone model is approximately 13 inches (33 cm) tall, 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide at the base, and only weights 1 pound and 11 ounces (.62 kg).

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