The AquaSonic Waterphone

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AquaSonic Waterphone being playedThe AquaSonic waterphone is a unique, hand-crafted musical instrument that produces hauntingly ethereal sounds similar to the calls of humpback whales or the eerie sounds produced by the theremin. Being atonal they are easy and fun to play, and can be bowed like a violin or played as a percussive instrument. As well as being light in weight, the extended length of the center column makes it easy to hold while playing. The AquaSonic waterphone is ruggedly constructed from stainless steel and bronze, is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. To play the AquaSonic waterphone the resonator pan is first filled with a small amount of water. It can be played by bowing the tone rods using a violin or cello bow, or played percussively by lightly drumming with a mallet, drum sticks or by hand. With no compromise to sound quality and durability, AquaSonic waterphones are the most affordable on the market.

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Also available on eBay ( AquaSonic Super Standard or AquaSonic Mondo).

The sound of the waterphone evokes mystery and suspense and has been used in movie soundtracks, music recordings, and live performances. We have sold AquaSonic waterphones to symphony orchestras, bands, recording studios, movie production studios and musicians worldwide. Many contemporary classical composers have written parts for the waterphone in their pieces, as well as being featured in many movie soundtracks. The majority of creepy sounds in horror and sci-fi movies are made by the waterphone.

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